Mary Yalex


With a multi decade spanning career behind her Erfurt born Mary Yalex remains as innovative as ever, always striving to strain the boundaries of her sound, wandering blissfully between genres, melding them as she moves, touching on ambient, leftfield, IDM, electro, experimental and pretty much anything else her creativity allows. The German producer and live acts most acclaimed bodies of work have come on her eponymous Yalex Recordings, Dichotomy, KANN Records, Molly’s RDV, Muzan Editions, Dial Records, Sound As Language, Frank Music and many other revered imprints. Yalex draws influences particularly from her day to day surroundings and emotions she feels and sees from other people, combining this with her passion for nature and its true powers to create a complex sound palette. 


Freedom for expression is something that Mary is a sincere ambassador for, her mystical live sets have seen her perform in a host of cities, creating immersive experiences for her audiences in the likes of Berlin hot spot About Blank://, Nachtdigital Flex in Olganitz, and Conne Island, and Mjut, two hubs in the German city of Leipzig where she resided between the years of 2008 and 2021. An integral part of her journey artistically, during these years she released the bulk of her music and developed her sound extensively. Prior to this the first touches of music embraced her soul in Austria, a fascination with synthesizers and samplers soon became a huge part of her life, and a passion for hardware was ignited ever since. 


A colourful catalogue of releases sees Mary cement herself deep within the circuit for experimental sounds, this is thanks to packages such as her “Sentimental Journey” album on Frank Music, “Ohra” album on Japanese label Muzan Editions, “Aquarius” On Molly’s famous RDV label, “Cosmic Garden” for the 20 Years of Dial Records, “Sunset Stories” on North Carolina label Sound As Language   “Infinite Green” on her own Yalex label and several other integral releases which have carved out her career. All self released output has been accompanied by handmade artwork from Mary herself, extending her artillery as an artist and expressing herself in this format. 


After many years of dedication to her craft Mary has found her way, fulfilling herself musically and personally, and in return this fulfillment means her enchanting sound is more enriched than ever, packed with otherworldly textures and atmospheres to create a series of wholesome trips, embracing her ambient explorations. 


Text by Zac Bidwell, EUREKA ARTISTS